Semana de la Paz (2do grado Mechi-Noe)

Pinwheels for Peace Project

«In today’s world, peace needs to be more than just a word.

This is the Pinwheels for Peace Project!

Imagine… millions of pinwheels spinning in the wind – pinwheels in the United States, Great Britain, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia; pinwheels all over the world! – big pinwheels, small pinwheels; pinwheels of all shapes and sizes – colorful pinwheels, decorated with drawings, paintings, collages, photographs – pinwheels with words of peace and harmony written on them – fields of pinwheels, pinwheels along roadsides, in schoolyards, in parks, pinwheels EVERYWHERE!

Please join us EVERY year on International Day of Peace, September 21st, as we create a visual public statement about peace!»

We have joined the «Pinwheels for Peace Project» and displayed our creations on the front yard of our school, so our thoughts and wishes are spread all around the world!

For more information about the Project follow the link

Peace and Love,
Second Grade and Ms Noe